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Create Creative Social Media Posts – Ideas For Your Content and More!

Do you need help coming up with creative social media posts? You are not alone. It's tough to know what to post about all the time.

Well, that is why there are tools like the Content Improver Template - your one-stop shop for creating social media content!

The idea behind is simple: all you have to do is fill out the form with what you need, and then hit generate. How cool is that?! See how it's done!

Creative Social Media Posts

Before you start generating social media content, create "categories." Make sure to have variations such as:

  • Before and after
  • Book you're reading
  • Engaging questions
  • Favorite tool
  • Fill in the blank
  • Fun Fact
  • If you could?
  • Industry articles
  • Interactive posts
  • New blog posts
  • Personal mantra
  • Picture quotes
  • Share your story
  • Promote your social media channels
  • Promote your newsletter
  • Product or service
  • Share a gratitude
  • Share a hobby
  • Short video tips
  • Solve a problem
  • Take a poll
  • Testimonials
  • This or that?
  • Time-saving tips
  • Would you rather?
  • Etc.

There are social media schedulers out there and they have some pretty cool features! One of them should be the ability to create unlimited categories.

Your job is to fill up these categories with social media content. And the social media scheduler's job is to deploy these content one by one according to the schedule you set.

Depending on what social media scheduler you use, "categories" can be called something else, but in concept, they are just "folders" that will contain your specific content.

By doing this, you'll be able to easily monitor which category is running out of content, and you can fill them up as needed.

You can also do this manually when starting out. Create a spreadsheet of what content goes out when, and to what social media platform. But honestly, I wouldn't go down that path, LOL.

Now, let's see how the Content Improver Tool can help create creative content ideas.

Say for example you need "BEFORE AND AFTER IDEAS" for your "before and after" content queue.

I'll go to Dashboard > Content Improver.

How to Use Content Improver For Social Media

In the Content box, I'll type what I need. In this example, I'll say...

Give me something about this topic: "before and after."

Make it an inspirational and opinionated write-up for a social media post.

Play with your description. Tell Jarvis (the AI writing assistant) what you want, like "promote my newsletter, invite someone to check my blog, write a quote..." - the sky is the limit here.

For the "Tone Of Voice," I will type:


You can play with whatever tone of voice. You can even put longer tone of voice like “a friendly doctor educating a grandpa” or “a midde-aged man struggling to lose weight for 5 years” - something more descriptive.

Select output to "1" and press "Generate AI Content."

Here's the first output...

Content Improver Template for social media posts
sample output from Jarvis

"Some people say that life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get but the good ones are worth it.

And then, there are those bad candy bars in disguise, promising to be something they aren't just so we'll bite down into them with our teeth, before spitting out their little pieces all over the floor.

I prefer this analogy: Life is an adventure! And every day brings new challenges for me to face head-on, while seeking my own way through unusual terrain until finally arriving at some destination where I can pause for breath, and take stock on how far I've come thus far today (or as I call it "before").

That place will always differ because it's different each time depending on who I'm surrounded"

I can then remove the last sentence which is cut-off (this one: That place will always differ because it's different each time depending on who I'm surrounded...").

Note: Some outputs are complete, some are not. In this example, it's not complete.

If I want to make use of the incomplete sentence, I'll go to Documents > New > Start From Scratch. I'll paste the output including the incomplete sentence and press "Compose."

how to complete Jarvis incomplete sentences

So now, I have this complete thought:

Jarvis sample output

The cut-off sentence: "That place will always differ because it's different each time depending on who I'm surrounded..."

Jarvis added this...

"That place will always differ because it's different each time depending on who I'm surrounded by, what I'm doing, how long it takes to get there - and so on.

That's why when you work hard for your goals, and do the best that you can, with less than perfect circumstances, in a world where nothing is ever black or white (or easy), progress really does feel like the most worthwhile 'after' of all."

To really maximize creativity, you have to give Jarvis a clear direction.

Garbage in, garbage out, so be clear with what you need.

Here's another example...


Tell me your opinion about this...(insert your opinion here).

In this example, I'll say:

Tell me your opinion about this...

"potatoes are evil"

Here's the first opinion...

how to ask Jarvis opinion Conversion ai

If I agree with it, I'll simply remove what I don't like, making it...

"Potatoes are absolutely the most vile food on this earth. They're a disgusting, insidious vegetable that contains no essential nutrients whatsoever and turns your skin into orange goo if eaten for too long."

This kind of content will attract critics. If you love bashers for the sake of engagement, then you can use it, but I personally won't, LOL. I like to keep positive vibes, haha!

But you get the idea. It's easy to create content that can provoke emotions with this template but be prepared for what's coming after you publish it, lol.

Another example:

Let's say you are faced with a comment that is simply so hard to reply to, such as...

The comment:

"This review sounds straight-on biased. I wouldn't jeopardize my child's safety on the car seat you recommended."

Use the Content Improver template and type...

Reply to this...

"This review sounds straight-on biased. I wouldn't jeopardize my child's safety on the car seat you recommended."

In the tone of voice, type "friendly" to avoid further arguments, lol.

Hit "Generate."

Here's the first output...

how to reply to comments Content Improver

Keep on generating an output until Jarvis gives you something that you would like to use.

If I were to use the first output above, I would remove the first few thoughts and use the rest, making it...

"You deserve the right to share your opinion, but as parents, we have very little choice in which brands are available where we live, so please try not to take this personally! "

Awesome, right? 🙂

Try the Content Improver FREE for 5 Days

Note: The Content Improver approach is useful for those who do not have access to the Blank Document/Long Form Assistant (Boss Mode) where you can press "Compose" so Jarvis can finish the sentences.

If you have access to the Blank Document (in "Boss Mode"), you can go ahead and tell Jarvis what you want, like this...

how to give Jarvis instructions

Once you give Jarvis what the post is for, press "Compose." That 's it! 🙂

Here's the sample output...

"Disclaimer: This is NOT an argument for or against homeschooling. It's an examination of how these two different school types are alike and different. I say "like" and "different" a lot in this article because to me it seems like the biggest difference between them can be boiled down to that single word. There may be exceptions here and there but when I think about it, those differences have to do with what type of school you're at more than they do with whether your schooling options were homeschooled or traditional.* Best viewed without any bias either way beforehand so you can truly understand each point on its own merit without considering all the biases we tend to carry.

 *Feel free to still read, even if you have a bias one way or another. I think you might find that going in with no opinion will help you better understand each argument. But don't just skim it because the details are what matter most.*

I was homeschooled all through my elementary and middle school years (grades 1-8). When I entered high school, I started attending public school for a few reasons which we'll talk about later, but regardless of those reasons since the eighth grade, I've been around both these types of schooling environments on a daily basis. Every day some part of me is learning something while at home, and every day some part of me is surrounded by people learning something while (cut-off...)"

Jarvis Blank Document sample output

Press "Compose " to continue. Delete what you don't like and press Compose again. Rinse. Repeat. Proofread, fact-check. Done. LOL.

Check Out The Boss Mode!

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  1. Hi Pitin

    Thanks for sharing your views on creative social media posts. The content improver tool you described seems to be very attractive. I think Jarvis has become a good friend of yours and help you in real-time to write excellent content. If the cost becomes a little bit less (sale), please share with us.

    Warm Regards,


    1. Thanks, Gaurav! As for the cost, they reduced it to $59/mo. for the highest plan (Boss Mode), for a 50,000 words limit. The unlimited plan is no longer available.


  2. I have seen paid writers, AI essay writing websites and god knows what. BUT, Social media content creator? That’s what I have been struggling to find. Because the content on social media should be very engaging and attractive. The examples you showed are incredible. Couldn’t take my eyes off it till I read all of it.

    Thanks for sharing, I would definitely try this out!

    1. Hi! I'm glad to hear that! I hope this lesson will help you out. If you want to know more about it or if you need any kind of assistance, just let me know. Good luck. 🙂

  3. This is very helpful and thanks, Pitin, for sharing it here. I’ve always struggled with creative content hence this will help me a lot. From your examples, it’s amazing how easy and most importantly relevant in helping to get the messages out. I’ll be taking a closer look at your recommendation. Thanks again.

    1. Hi Sharon,

      You’re welcome. 🙂 The key is to talk to Jarvis like a human and be transparent with your INTENT. AIs are becoming good at knowing human intent, so in order to produce something with a human touch, input something with a human touch, too! 🙂



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