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The Best Pinterest Marketing Strategies Nobody’s Telling You

Lesson 3 Module 2

Stop "winging it" and start marketing on Pinterest with a strategic, actionable plan. These are the best practices you can use right away to increase your traffic, sales, leads, social shares & more!

Best Pinterest Marketing Strategies

Pinterest marketing is one of the best ways to increase your reach online. This lesson will review some of the best Pinterest marketing strategies available, and give you advice on how to use them in order to get more traction with your target audience.

Disclaimer: If you would like to know how credible are these strategies, go to Pinterest Academy itself.

This Pinterest course is in the "case study" stage and is a way for me to take note of what I learned from the Academy. I have consumed more Pinterest courses than I can take, and I can't believe I consumed the Pinterest Academy last!

The Best Pinterest Marketing Strategies

Strategy 1: Optimize For Discovery

Put Yourself In The "Pinner Mindset" Everytime You Create A Pin

To understand a pinner mindset is like understanding long-tail keywords.

Just as you use long-tail keywords to achieve your desired results in Google, you need to put yourself in the pinner's shoes if you want to succeed on Pinterest.

As a pinner, why are you on Pinterest?

What are you looking for?

What do you hope to achieve?

I was a pinner long before I started using Pinterest for marketing.

To get ready for my daughter's first birthday,

  • I went to Pinterest to see what outfit I can buy for her. It was my first time to learn about and buy something from Etsy!
  • I found the cake topper and customized buntings from an Etsy seller thru Pinterest, too.
  • I looked for cake designs and sent the final design to the cake designer to be an inspiration.

When I was struggling to feed my picky eater, I went to Pinterest to:

  • pin every lovely-looking plating so I can recreate it to encourage my daughter to eat. I was even inspired to make my daughter's snack/lunch boxes every day. (And yes! They worked!)

My husband had to download the Pinterest app to look for inspiration for his first-ever tattoo!

When I developed a passion for urban gardening, I spent sleepless nights consuming Pins about gardening. Nobody asked me to do it. It was just addicting!

When I explored being a vegan, I pin each and every easy vegan meal I can recreate.

When my house badly needs cleaning, I get inspired by clean houses on Pinterest!

These are just examples of what a pinner mindset is.

Create a pin that you will "pin" if you see it.

As a Pinterest user, am I going to pin a product review? No. I will look for it in Google. But I would love to pin a photo of a lovely product!

Pins are indexed by Pinterest based on a "series of signals." 

To quote Pinterest Academy, "Use a compelling, simple headline as your title."

A headline is what you see on Pinterest's search results page. It can include a few words and it can be even as simple as "chocolate chip cookies."

Finding the best wording for your headline will help people find your Pin so that they can continue reading about it!

I have a separate lesson on how to make your pins stand out here, and I have discussed there in pointer number 5 how exactly how to craft your Pinterest headline using the keywords from Pinterest search results.

Strategy 2: Create Regularly

The word "regularly" is a source of great confusion! Depending on who is your source, it can be 15 to 25 times a day. For some, it can be 2-3 times a day.

As for the Pinterest Academy, it's at least once a week! And here's a screenshot to take note of it, just in case they change it in the future.

how often should you create new pins for Pinterest

This is brilliant news! Some people are dying just to meet the 2-3 times a day quota.

Key Take Away: Craft a quality pin at least once a week.

Strategy 3: Organize Your Boards

To get an idea of what you should name your boards, use the Pinterest search box and type a word. Press enter.

All the suggestions below can be a group board name.

how to use keywords for Pinterest boards

Based on the above photo, you can have the following boards:

  • Vacation outfits
  • Dream vacation
  • Vacation packing list
  • Vacation places
  • etc.

Boards are a way to organize your pins by category, purpose, or audience. Boards should have names and descriptions that can impact how they appear in Pinterest search results.

Do you remember my lesson on grouping your posts using tags and categories? Creating boards on Pinterest works in a similar way.

For example, if I have a "Design" board, it would be too broad for Pinterest to understand.

Design of what? That is why you have put a "board description" such as "In this board, you will find all cake designs for a girl's first birthday party."

Doing this will help Pinterest to show your board or the content of the board not only to those looking for it but also to those who consumed similar content.

If you would like to have just one board for all your party needs, you can name the main board as "party needs."

Then, you can create sections or folders such as cake designs, birthday outfits, party decorations, giveaways, etc.. 

Inviting a family member, friend, or the party organizer as a contributor to the board will be good so you can have more ideas! That's what group boards are created for.

As a Pinterest marketer, you should know how to use group boards well. If your board members keep on pinning unrelated items to the board name and description, it can cause a negative impact on the performance of the group board.

If you do not have the time to maintain a group board and organize the clutter every now and then, then don't use it all.

If you are lucky enough to belong to a group board where the owner maintains it well, like deleting duplicates, removing unrelated pins, or even put them in the correct sections, then belonging to a group board like that is a good thing.

Take note that over time, as the group becomes saturated (more pins and more contributors), the lesser your pin effectivity will be. If you don't believe me, look at your analytics.

Which group board is the busiest? You'll be surprised that your busiest board has the least conversion for you!

If I'm wrong, feel free to correct me in the comment section. 🙂

Strategy 4: Know Your Audience

Ideally, one should have organic followers. And by organic, I don't mean fellow Pinterest marketers.

If you look at your followers, it's easy to spot the organic ones since they usually don't use keywords or names that sound like a brand. Most of the time, they just use their names.

It can be a struggle at first to grow your organic following. However, just use a "pinner mindset" every time you pin.

Collect those that are "inspiring, positive, life-changing, unique, and beautiful..."

Create a profile like a beautiful magazine!

Over time, and when done consistently, one will eventually attract the real "pinners." And that's when you get results. Once you have "reliable" Audience Insights, create for them. 

For example, if you are a beauty blogger, and your audience mostly consumes your makeup tutorials board, then you know it's time to start a YouTube channel and create video tutorials!

If you are a fashion blogger, and your highest performing board is the fashion on a budget, then you'll know that you should first create those type of content.

If you have access to the Pinterest Trends (I don't because of my location), you can create content based on what is trending to invite a burst of traffic!


If you want to succeed in Pinterest Marketing, then you have to have a mindset as if you are building a blog from scratch.

Setting up your boards correctly, giving them descriptions, crafting pins that attract an organic audience, and promoting your pins the right way is all part of the process.

Just as you're trying to grow an organic reach in Google, know that it also takes time to get indexed and ranked on Pinterest.

People who are telling you that you can explode your Pinterest traffic in one month as a newbie are probably talking about their "impressions" displayed as "monthly views" in a profile. That's the most useless metric of all.

The real numbers are inside your Analytics. What pins are bringing clicks to your website?

Did they actually consume your content, or did they just bounce away?

Did they consumed more pages after and therefore increased your page views?

Did they buy a product or subscribe to the service after?

Stop looking at the wrong metrics and start focusing on the right things.

Optimize For Discovery

Create Regularly.

Organize Your Boards. 

Know Your Audience.

If you need help with your Pinterest pin titles and descriptions, use the Pinterest template from

If you need help writing your board descriptions, you can use the meta description template from, too. I explained here how to use it.

Good luck cleaning up your Pinterest account! I know it's time-consuming. But now that you have this knowledge from Pinterest Academy itself, are you not going to use it all? 

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