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How To Start A Blog About Music And Make A Living Online

30-Day Blogging Challenge – Write Something Every Single Day On Your 3rd Month!

With the 30-day blogging challenge, it takes you 30 days of writing new content and adding value to your blog. But before we get into the meat of this topic, read these tips for getting started, motivation, and more!

30 Day Blogging Challenge

30-Day Blogging Challenge

Tip #1: Try To Stand Out

Find ways of differentiating yourself from everybody else who's writing on the same subject, or doing what you're trying to achieve.

This could be by highlighting your experience or knowledge that nobody else has any background in, as well as coming up with unique angles and points of view.

For example, if you can draw well, you can use your illustrations to support your blog posts, instead of the usual stock photos. 🙂

If you are confident in front of the camera, you can consider creating video blog posts.

If you have an in-depth knowledge of your subject area + your added skills unique to you (illustrations, video, etc.), it will be easier to make yourself stand out from the competition.

Also, you may want to share some personal experiences or struggles that you've gone through which have helped shape who you are today.

Tip #2: Have Realistic Expectations

Set goals that are both challenging and achievable. For example: "write a minimum of 1,000 words in less than 30 minutes with no breaks."

Need help with content ideas? Read this.

Need more details on how to write a blog post in 30 minutes? Read this.

Create a routine that works best for you, whether it's waking up early to write before work, or putting aside some time each evening before you sleep.

And then, as the day progresses, take note of anything which might provide a good idea for the next article.

Remember that you're never going to be perfect in what you do, so don't beat yourself up over it and try to learn from your mistakes.

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Tip #3: Find A Balance

Take care of your mental health by taking time out to do things you enjoy, and distract yourself with something else every now and then.

This can be anything from gardening to cooking and photography. It's a great way of incorporating aspects of your hobbies into your 30-day blogging challenge.

This can also be helpful if you find that the 30 days are too long and overwhelming, because then it feels more manageable in "smaller" chunks!

When I first started out trying to blog every day for 30 days straight, my 30-day blogging challenge was turning 30 days into 30 weeks. It became an addiction (a good addiction in a way, since I ended up with a lot of content).

However, as I gained more weight, I found that I needed to find a balance between taking care of myself and giving my blog the attention it deserved.

This meant learning how to say "no" when appropriate, delegating tasks (to Jarvis) where possible, and setting boundaries so I could take care of myself, too.

4) Add Variety To Your Blog

Try working on different angles in order not to get bored writing about the same thing all the time.

For example, my target audience has different problems as stated in this lesson.

Some of his problems include not wanting to write as much as possible, learning SEO and Amazon Affiliate marketing.

I can move from one problem to another when I hit a mental block. On your initial stages of blogging, don't worry if you have "incomplete" solutions to problems. It takes time for organic visitors to come.

The goal is to come up with 30 posts that solve the problem of your target audience, regardless if it's problem number one, two or three. I recommend jotting down ideas, so it's easier to come up with 30 posts.

I think it might be challenging for some people to produce 30 posts in one month. If this is you, check out this lesson! It will help you to surely publish one post a day.

Remember that things can only get better from here, and don't be afraid to make mistakes.

Don't compare yourself against others - what they're doing may not work for you so just do what's best for you.

It's a tough journey when starting out, yet rewarding because, with every published blog post, you will feel a sense of accomplishment. It will help you grow and become better as time goes on.

Blogging is meant to be fun so remember to have some downtime - but this doesn't mean that you should stop writing altogether!

Do 30-Day Challenges Actually Work And Why Do People Do 30-Day Challenges?

The 30-day blogging challenge is an exercise that will help you to learn how well your day balances between necessary tasks and enjoyable activities.

When we find the balance, it’s possible to take care of our responsibilities without feeling as if they are taking over every minute of our lives.

The final lesson you may learn from this 30 day blogging challenge is something we all know too well – life happens.

By taking 30 days to blog, you have the opportunity to create 30 posts in 30 days. You can also publish these 3 times a week for the next 2 and a half months while taking some time off, or learning about other topics that are necessary to grow your blog.


How can you find the time to write every day? It's not as hard as it seems. You can always start small (750 words) and work your way up (more than 1500 words).

Just pick something that interests you and make sure you're passionate enough about it to want to share with others in order for it to be successful.

The key is finding a balance between what matters most - yourself, family, friends and blogging so they are equally important parts of your life, without feeling overwhelmed by the tasks!

Remember when people say "30 days," they mean any period of time that starts at 00:00 on the first day and ends at 23:59 on 30the day.

30-Day Blogging Challenges are a great way to get into the habit of writing content on your blog every day.

If you are not sure how to achieve this, here is a lesson on how you can easily do it.

You'll be surprised by what comes out when you do!

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