1 Advice About Analysia And Everything You Need To Know Before You Apply 

Last Modified: June 27, 2021

By: pitin

about analysia

About Analysia

Analysia is a company that offers mobile app and website usability testing services.

Such services aim to determine if:

  • a website is user-friendly
  • it is easy to navigate page layout and logically organized pages
  • all its links are working
  • its pages load quickly and have no errors
  • the visitor/customer can find what he is looking for in the website
  • all its tools and features (such as shopping cart and registration forms) are functioning well
  • the website is functioning as it should and
  • the visitor/customer can easily figure out what the website is about.

These are basically what the job of a usability tester at Analysia involves.

Looking at the website of Analysia, one could easily discern that its contents are mostly for companies looking to hire usability testing services.

If you are someone looking for a job as a tester, you need to browse through a few web pages and links on the website to find the information that you need.

Analysia Testing Job

Different usability testing companies work somewhat differently from each other. If a tester is eligible to accept an available task, he will receive an email notification.

At Analysia, you will have a set of instructions to follow to complete the task for testing a website.

They will record all your screen activities and audio during the testing session.


Perhaps the only page from this website where you could find information for testers is at the registration page.

From the page, you’ll know that the company requires potential testers to have an internet connection and working microphone.

It stated that it also accepts testers of different profiles from many locations.

Unlike other usability testing platforms where you could quickly read about the specific qualifications for testers, at Analysia, you will only read about these details when you go ahead with the registration process.

There is no laid out information about which countries Analysia accepts users from.

One can only surmise that it is open for anyone around the globe with internet connection.

You could only base this assumption from the statement in its FAQ page.

An excerpt from the FAQ page for potential clients of Analysia says that its panel of users are from North America, Europe and "other parts of the world."

Regarding the required equipment, it says that anybody with internet connection and microphone can join. You could only assume what other required equipments are so you can test websites and applications.

From the website, you’ll see the devices where the usability test platform of Analysia is available for are desktop, iPhone, Android, Blackberry and iPad.

This could mean that a client may request for usability testing of his website or app in any of these devices. As the tester, you might also need to test the website or app of the client using the specified device.

This is just an assumption since there is no web page or article on the Analysia website that explains this.

If you have a desktop or laptop, internet connection and microphone, then you could probably perform the testing tasks accordingly.

They test and use apps on mobile devices. Internet connection and microphone are the most important required tools because you will need these to record your testing session.

The website says nothing about a registration fee for usability tester applicants.

While updating this review, I went over their website to see any changes.

They upgraded their website to look more professional with a new "theme." Their NEW website construction is obviously in progress (and further reduced the information).

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Flexible time might be the only perk you could get from Analysia. Interestingly, if you scroll your cursor down to the bottom of the website, you will see a link for its Referral Program.

Analysia will allegedly give you links and images that you can place on your own website, as you would if you were an affiliate marketer.

If your website visitors head over to Analysia to place an order or register to become a tester, you could receive some rewards.

However, if you click on the links on this Referral Program page, you would only get yourself into a dead end.

These links would either send you to the Solutions page, Tester Registration Page, or Contact page of Analysia.

The contact page seems working, so send a message for your inquiries. I tried sending a message, but as of updating this article, Analysia has not yet sent any response.


I will skip trying to be an Analysia tester,  mainly because of the lack of information it offers for its testers.


  • You only need an internet connection and a microphone to join Analysia.
  • It accepts international applicants.


  • The information it provides is considerably insufficient.
  • It "can" pay $10 through PayPal (as per reviews), but does not say when it sends payments.
  • It says nothing about apps or programs for recording the test session.
  • It does not say what equipment you need to have.

There is not enough information to rely on. There are other more reliable platforms I will prefer to join instead of Analysia.

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